Sunday, August 31, 2008

Breaking NEWS :Bengal Tigers become the meidan Champion in 40 overs Finnish Cricket League

Bengal Tigers, Champion of SM 40 overs league

Bengal Tigers made it afterall. After today's defeat of Empire CC, made it confirmed that Bengal Tigers became the new champion team of Finnish 40 overs cricket league. In 8 matches Bengals gained 48 points loosing only 2 matches. This major achievement was only possible because of the hard work of the players ,mangement and ofcourse for all the supports. With this success, Bengal Tigers have now passed the maximum criteria to play in the 50 overs (A division) cricket league next year. Celebration is observed among the players and the Bangladeshi comunity here in Finland. This joy is not only for the Tigers team but also for each of the Bangladeshi in Finland. Congratulations to the Tigers. Cheers and all the best. Here is the final point table.

(Click to enlarge the Table. Source FCA website)


Zahoor said...

Congrats to the BTCC club....!! You played very well in the whole SM 40 although lost to Empire was very shocking.

Yasir said...

Congratulations to all the members of the BTCC

Tariq said...

I have liked your main strike bowler.he bowls really good.Yours keeper is one the best in the SM40 league and even better than some other teams of SM 50.
Best wishes for the next season

Juan Llaneza said...

Congratulations for the victory!

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