Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tigers clinched 2 runs victory over Helsinki Cricket club in the friendly T20

Ruben's brilliant 53 helped Bengal Tigers to win the T20 friendly match against Helsinki CC played at Kaisaniemi yesterday. Batting first tigers scored 167 in 20 overs. Highlights of the innings was wicket keeper Ruben's fluent 53 runs. To chase 167 Helsinki made fairly good opening partnership but wickets were falling as they were getting closer to the target. In the last over, 8 runs were required to win with no wicket to spare. Though Helsinki managed to get 4 from the first ball, striker batsman were run out attempting for 2 runs on the next ball. This friendly match win will bring some energy for the tigers before the next league match against Finn-Asia.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Change in Dates

There are 2 changes in the fixture for Bengal tigers' matches.

29.06.08 T20 to be played on 27.07.08
09.08.08 SM 40 to be played on 10.08.08

Please fix it in your calender.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tigers lost vs Vaasa in a close match

Bengal Tigers got their first blow aginst Vaasa cc on their second match played in Tampere yesterday. Winning the toss , Tigers choose to field first in the away ground. Vaasa made a slow start but managed to score 160 before they were bowled out in 37.3 overs. For tigers midium pacer Amin got 4 wickets. To chase a doable 160, Tigers did not make a good response and wickets were falling in regular intervals. Among the top orders, only Titu showed some resistance before he was cought out. At the end, some patience from Jewel and a partnership of him with Kamran raised some hopes for the tigers but it was never enough when the task was massive. Few doubtful decisions made by the umpires might made the way easier for Vaasa but nevertheless, they played a better cricket to win the match. Tigers will be playing their 3rd group match against Finn-Asia at Turku on 7th of June.

Match Report

Match : Vaasa CC vs Bengal Tigers
Ground : Tampere
Date : 24th May
Toss: Tigers
Result: Tigers lost by 11 runs
Man of the match : Albert Austin (Vaasa CC)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Vaasa Vs Tigers at Tampere

On Saturday 24th May, Bengal tigers are going to play their second match. This time the rival is Vaasa Cricket Club. Match to be held in Tampere. Vaasa CC, at the moment is leading the point table with maximum wins in 2 matches they played. Tigers would like to win this match in order to climb up to the group rank.

Players (BTCC) meeting point for the trip to Tampere is Leppävaara (in front of pizza corner) at 0730 latest. Members are adviced to be on time at the spot in order to avoid any delays or hassles. If any non-members like to join the trip, please feel to contact any of us in advance.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Open T20 Fixture

1 Sat 31.5.2008 Helsinki vs Vantaa Rajakyllä Hel

2 Sat 31.5.2008 FPC vs Espoo B Rajakyllä Hel

3 Tue 17.6.2008 SKK vs FPC Rusa Hel

4 Sun 29.6.2008 Bengal T vs Espoo B Leppa? Espoo ( postponed to 27.7.2008)

5 Tue 1.7.2008 SKK vs Bengal T Rusa Hel

6 Sat 5.7.2008 Espoo vs Helsinki Leppa Espoo

7 Sat 5.7.2008 Espoo B vs SKK Rajakyllä Vantaa

8 Sat 5.7.2008 FPC vs Vantaa Rajakyllä Vantaa

9 Sat 12.7.2008 Espoo B vs Helsinki Rajakyllä Vantaa

10 Sat 12.7.2008 SKK vs Espoo Rusa Hel

11 Sun 13.7.2008 Helsinki vs Bengal T Rusa Hel

12 Sun 13.7.2008 Espoo B vs Vantaa Rusa Hel SKK

13 Sun 13.7.2008 Espoo vs FPC Leppa Espoo Empire

14 Sat 19.7.2008 Bengal T vs Vantaa Leppa? Espoo FPC

15 Sat 19.7.2008 Helsinki vs SKK Kaisa Hel Espoo

16 Sun 20.7.2008 Espoo vs Espoo B Leppa Espoo Helsinki

17 Sun 20.7.2008 Espoo vs Bengal T Leppa Espoo Helsinki

18 Sat 26.7.2008 Bengal T vs FPC Leppa? Espoo

19 Sat 26.7.2008 Vantaa vs Espoo Rajakyllä Vantaa

20 Sat 26.7.2008 Vantaa vs SKK Rajakyllä Vantaa

21 Sun 27.7.2008 FPC vs Helsinki Kaisa Hel Vantaa

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bengal tigers start the season with a Comprehensive win over Empire CC

Tigers crashed Empire CC on their first match by a huge win of 7 wickets played in Espoo today. Winning the toss in the morning, Tigers invited Empire to bat first. The host were up on the visitors from the very begining and kept them under pressure by regular break through. Empire CC were bowled out for 146 in 35.1 overs. Paceman Kamran and skipper Jewel picked up 3 wickets each while Shakil (Sr) got 2 wickets.

To chase 146, Dipu and Amin made a solid start of 53 in the opening stand for the Tigers. A set back caused only a little worry for the hosts when they lost their openers in a short interval. Strong partnership between Titu and Shakil (Sr) diminshed all kinds of hopes for the Empire as some quality cricket from these two batsmen took the sail close the coast for bengal. Titu gone for 29 and Shakil (Sr) scored unbeaten 47 to secure the victory for the Tigers on their very first match in SM 40 league.

BTCC specially like to thank Bappi bhai for the great service. Also, day long support from Tuhin,Rinku, Monju bhai and others are acknowledged. After this thumping win today, Tigers are more charged up for their next match against Vaasa on 23rd of May. Match to be held in Tampere.

Man of the Match Shakil (Sr)
Match Report
Match : Bengal Tigers Cricket Club Vs Empire CC
Ground : Espoo
Date: 10th May 2008
Toss: Bengal Tigers
Result : Bengal Tigers won by 7 wickets
Man of the Match : Osman Ibrahim Shakil

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

SM 40 Cricket Fixture

1 Sat 3.5.2008 Empire vs Tampere at Rajakyllä Vantaa

2 Sat 3.5.2008 Vaasa vs Finn-Asia Tampere

3 Sat 10.5.2008 Bengal T vs Empire at Leppavaara Espoo

4 Sun 11.5.2008 Tampere vs Vaasa at Messu Tampere

5 Sat 17.5.2008 Tampere vs Bengal T at Messu Tampere (Postponed)

6 Sat 17.5.2008 Finn-Asia vs Vaasa at Pansio

7 Sat 24.5.2008 Vaasa vs Bengal T at Tampere

8 Sun 25.5.2008 Finn-Asia vs Empire at Pansio Turku

9 Sat 7.6.2008 Finn-Asia vs Bengal T at Pansio Turku

10 Sun 8.6.2008 Tampere vs Empire at Messu Tampere

11 Sat 14.6.2008 Finn-Asia vs Tampere at Pansio Turku

12 Sun 15.6.2008 Empire vs Vaasa at Messu Tampere

13 Sun 3.8.2008 Tampere vs Finn-Asia at Messu Tampere

14 Sun 3.8.2008 Empire vs Bengal T at Rajakyllä Vantaa

15 Sat 9.8.2008 Vaasa vs Tampere at Tampere

16 Sat 9.8.2008 Bengal T vs Finn-Asia at Leppavaara Espoo (postponed to 10.08.08)

17 Sat 16.8.2008 Bengal T vs Vaasa at Messu Tampere

18 Sat 23.8.2008 Empire vs Finn-Asia at Rajakyllä Vantaa

19 Sat 30.8.2008 Bengal T vs Tampere at Leppavara Espoo

20 Sun 31.8.2008 Vaasa vs Empire at Tampere

SM 40 League

Bengal Tigers are upbeat to take on Empire CC on their first match at Leppävaara, Espoo on 10th May. It is certainly a special occasion for the tigers as it will be their meiden match in the tournament. Players are super exicted and have been practising hard over the last few weeks for the up coming actions.

Bengal Tigers Cricket Club

Bengal Tigers Cricket Club (BTCC) is the newly formed club and registered to the Finnish Cricket Association (FCA).

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